Soccer West is one of the top 10 soccer specialty dealers in the country with 5 convenient locations in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties in Washington state. We have served the local soccer community since 1990, providing high quality, effective and efficient service to our customers. Our commitment to local associations stems from one pivotal idea – The Personal Touch – and embodies a spirit of dedication, responsiveness and excellence in retail and service to our customers.

Possessing the ability to offer a wide selection of product is important to our customer base. We have formed many strong relationships with a host of well known and highly respected brands including Nike, adidas, Puma, Diadora, Umbro Under Armour and Pele Sports. This allows our client to choose from a wide selection of varying uniform designs that are suited towards their needs. Soccer West handles many other brands of merchandise to aid customers across the spectrum. We have the ability to provide plain product at highly competitive prices and we offer the opportunity to screen print any design, logo, or number to any product.

If you would like to order a number of teams worth of product and have a designated future date for the arrival of your uniform, we provide a unique service called futures ordering. This process involves you providing us with a projected number of your team quantity. We will then order your uniform ahead and hold it at our warehouse until you have your teams set and know the actual number quantity. Once this is sent through to us, our experienced warehouse team will begin adding your logo and numbering designs to your exact specification, before delivering straight to your door. The futures process provides a certainty you will receive your product on time, whilst we can house any over spill uniform for you in case you need additional product during the season.

We know the time restraints, multiple tasking and ball juggling that is evident in the condensed High School Schedule. We also understand the political elements involved with budgeting and prioritizing effectively. Therefore we are able to accommodate and become flexible towards your needs and wants within ordering systems and timing of orders.

Here at Soccer West we have our own production facilities. These facilities, coupled with our broad selection of product options, allows us to customize your High School uniform and fan wear. We have a wide range of options for you to choose from, including personalized soccer jerseys, shorts, sweat jackets and pants, hoods, rain jackets, coaches jackets, and even soccer balls. In fact there is really no limit to the options available. When you feel the time is right to start browsing for new team and/or fan wear please feel free to contact our sales representative. We can offer you direct support into choosing the right option that suits your needs, whilst providing a highly competitive price package.

Soccer West prides itself on excellence in customer service. Each of our five store managers and their staff are highly knowledgeable and on hand to answer any queries and assist with any decision making. In addition we have an outside sales representative who works directly hand in hand with all the brands representatives in order to provide customers with the most competitive prices whilst ensuring prompt delivery and a quality of product.

Please note that there may be fluctuations and differences between the online store and our brick stores. There is also a much larger selection of product available in our brick stores. Feel free to contact any of our stores for more information.